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We're local. We were raised here and are raising our own children here. We were unhappy with our neighborhood coffee options being large chains where the coffee never quite tasted the same, the lines were unbearable, and the quality was mediocre at best- so we decided to create our own. It's been said "the best products are mostly made by an unsatisfied end user, rarely from a well funded product designer." and we couldn't agree more.

We also know firsthand how important a cup of coffee can be. It kicks off your day, gets you past the rough afternoon slump, and helps you power through long nights. Whether you're headed to your 9-5, wrangling the kids and running errands, volunteering with a worthy charity, or working long hours as an every day hero and first responder, we want to help serve you the fuel to tackle it all. We're honored each time we are chosen to be apart of your journey and love that we can be a small light and helping hand for our community. 

We love coffee. We care about quality and culture.

We enjoy supporting our community, neighbors, and local businesses.

These simple ideas paved the way for The Local Brew Coffee Co. 

We love coffee but hate inconsistency in our favorite drinks

and waiting in line for half an hour. We love coffee but we care

about people over profits.  Our hope is for our coffee to

fuel your passion and your purpose

We want to help you...



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